About Shealah Craighead Photography

Political Photographer Shealah Craighead is an expert at documenting history. Her discretion, professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as, her photojournalist background shooting with the Boston Globe, Associated Press, and Getty Images led her to positions as the photo editor for the Office of the Vice President and Official White House Photographer and former First Lady Laura Bush's personal photographer. Shealah then went on to serve as Governor Sarah Palin's official photographer throughout the recent 2008 Presidential campaign. Currently, Shealah is based in Washington DC and offers her services as a seasoned campaign political photographer to candidates seeking election to public office such as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign for Gov. of Texas and Governor Rick Scott for Florida. Her experience at the top level, comfort in a variety of situations, knowledge of campaign promotion and presentation, and ability to promote an individual's most electable features has made her highly sought after among today's top political photographers.